Officer Nameless

An Ex-Soldier Warforged Paladin (Subrace Juggernaught)


28 HP AC 19/21
Speed 30
Chaotic Good
Soldier Backround
6’ 6"
300 lbs.
Str 19 +5
Dex 13 +1
Con 15 +2
Int 11 +0
Wis 12 +1
Cha 16 +4
Athletics (Str)
Intimidation (Cha)
Persuasion (Cha)
Insight (Wis)
All armor and shields
All simple weapons and all martial weapons
Playing Card set
Land Vehicles
Saving Throws:
Personality Traits:
I get tired of peace when there is political intrigue.
I can’t handle others complaining about there lives. Suck it up and DEAL WITH IT!
Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny.
House Cannith will PAY for what they did to me.
I’m not very good at taking orders, and I always think my way is the best way.
MasterCraft Heavy Mace
Heavy Crossbow
20 Bolts (or a Case)
5 Javelin
Small Steel Shield
An Insignia of Rank
The Banner of House Cannith
A Deck of Cards
Common Clothes
A Holy Symbol Amulet on a Bracelet
A Backpack with 50 feet of Hempen Rope Strapped to the side of it
a Bedroll
a Mess Kit
a Tinderbox
10 Torches
10 Days of Rations
A Waterskin
A Pouch of 85 GP
Lay on Hands
Your blessed touch can heal wounds. You have a pool of Healing power that replenishes when you take a Long Rest. With that pool, you can restore a total number of hit points equal to your paladin level x 5.

As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool.

Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of Healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple Diseases and neutralize multiple Poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands, expending hit points separately for each one.

This feature has no effect on Undead and constructs.
Divine Sense. The presence of strong evil registers on your senses like a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly music in your ears. As an action, you can open your awareness to detect such forces. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or Undead within 60 feet of you that is not behind total cover. You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence you sense, but not its identity (the Vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich, for instance). Within the same radius, you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the Hallow spell.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier. When you finish a Long Rest, you regain all expended uses.
A Warforged juggernaut has advantage on all Strength saving throws.

Living Construct. You are a living construct. You don’t need to eat, drink, breath, or sleep, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish.You’re immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain. Unlike other constructs, warforged are subject to critical hits, nonlethal damage, stunning, ability damage, ability drain, and death effects or necromancy effects. However a warforged is not immune to the mind-affecting spells and abilities of the mentioned conditions. You also gain the full benefits of the spending of hit dice at the end of a short rest, and the full effects of a long rest after using a repair kit for that time period (see below).
Artificial Anatomy. A warforged can recover hit points through repairs using a ‘Warforged repair kit’, which is a set of artisans tools that are specifically designed for this purpose. The amount of HP recovered from 8 hours of work is equal to the hit points that would be gained from a long rest. The following tools may be used instead of a full Warforged repair kit, but require twice as much time to achieve the same effect: Jewelers, Masons, Smiths, or Tinkers tools. All Warforged’s are proficient in the use of a Warforged repair kit. (healing magic may work at the DM discretion).Work with your DM to determine the cost of Warforged repair kits, number of maximum uses, and where to find / purchase them (and cost). As a living construct, a warforged can be raised, revivified, or resurrected.
Power Down. As a Warforged you go into an inert state every day at your choice. Your Warforged gains the benefits, except for restored HP, of a long rest after 4 hours of this. The time taken for repairs does not count toward this rest.
Forged for War. As a Warforged, your body is covered in plating that makes you inherently armored but as a result you cannot wear any armor unless it is specifically Warforged. Other races cannot wear your armor. Your construction incorporates wood and metal, granting you a +1 bonus to Armor Class which stacks with your sub race. Your plating can be enchanted like a normal set of armor.
Warforged Resolve. It’s difficult to take you down, even when your faltering. You have advantage on death saving throws


After the war, Nameless decided he wanted to become an adventurer because he felt under powered to fight House Cannith. So he took all of the things he had, sold them, and bought an explorers pack. He also kept most of his old equipment, and a banner in case he runs into the house again. As he venture, he notices a sign that says PERSONS OF PLUCK, ABILITY, AND DARING ARE SOUGHT and he read the whole thing.

Officer Nameless

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