Theirastra Stormborn

A Half-Elf hailing from Orthos


Infamous sorcerer, among the Wind Whisperers anyway


Raised on the decks of the Wind Whisperer’s fleet and taught to sail before I could walk, I earned a place on an elemental galleon upon gaining my majority. During a routine excursion a violent storm crashed in upon us. The wind raged and a bolt of lightning struck me and blasted me through our elemental and overboard. Thirteen days later, after being long presumed dead, I was discovered floating unconscious in the sea off the coast of stonespur with a current holding me aloft and no memory of the intervening days. I was given the name “Stormborn” by the crew as they told me the tale of my disappearance and recovery.

Following the accident, I began to feel the burn off magic in my veins. Thrice it exploded forth uncontrolled, once nearly sinking my ship; it was then that I chose to leave before anyone that I cared about was injured. My hope now is to eventually travel to Aundair and the floating towers of Arcanix in the hopes of learning some measure of control over my new affliction so that I may one day return to my ship and the freedom of the sea.

Theirastra Stormborn

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