Gurney Halleck

Inquisitive Artificer of House Cannith


Human male in his early to mid 40s. Gurney is average height with a wiry build. He has graying hair and a moustache that crosses his cheeks and meets his mutton chops.
Strength 14
Dexterity 15
Constitution 17
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 11
Charisma 9

Studded leather armor
Hand crossbow
Hand axe
Dungeoneer’s pack
Thieves’ tools
Smith’s tools
Tinker’s tools


Gurney’s parents are artificers for House Cannith. One or both of his parents were away most of the time repairing Warforged or on the field of battle.
Gurney had a lonely childhood. His favorite pastime was listening to bard’s tales about suspense and mystery. Resenting his parents absence due to their profession, he vowed never to become an artificer.

Gurney ran away at the age of twelve from House Cannith. He found his way to Sharn’s underground. On the Street of Bakers, he knocked on the door of the (self-proclaimed) World’s Greatest Consultant Inquistive, Lerenard.

Gurney studied with Lerenard for 25 years. Gurney learned the ins and outs of interviewing, searching for evidence, and pipe smoking. During these years he honed his skills, built a network of informants and learned all he could from his mentor. When Lerenard retired, Gurney returned to House Cannith.

Upon returning, Gurney found out his father had died in the final battle of the War of the Five Kingdoms. During the battle, Warforged with new designs and weapons overran his father’s position.

Gurney started learning the art and science of an artificer. He vowed to use his Inquistive background and his nascent artificer skills to find the source of the ‘Strange Warforged’. His inquiries lead him to a tavern in Sharn…

Gurney Halleck

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